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Whispering a nightmare

3 June
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FriendS Only & My RightS

Its this way so I know who is reading my journal.Comment to be added =).I have the rights to complain,bitch,wail,be happy do whatever i want.Say what i want this is my journal.

The princess of d0rKs--Jasmine

Born the 3rd day of June.Junior in HS.Known as:Jas,Jassy,Jamie,Munchkin,or Princess.Reaches sky at 5'1.Brown Eyes.Blackish red hair.Small.filipino-scottish.sweet.crazy.full of life.

LoveS & AddictionS

rain.gummy bears.iced mochas from gloria jeans.hot pink.art.modeling.polka dots.my beloved computer.music.peter pan.vanilla coke.dr pepper.fashion.graphic design.converse.stars.grahphic tees.


fake people.colds.being away from my computer.fighting.


My socks never match.I live in my Converse.And I heart graphic tees.Most of the time you will usally see me,in a graphic tee,with jeans or a skirt,converse and some crazy earrings.I love polka dots,and skulls.Im pretty dorky.Or i tend to be.Im not girly or a tomboy.I like to dressup,and I am not afraid to get messy or beat boys up.Im random. Known to do the craziiest things.Like dance in the middle of the street.Or sing in the doc. office. I love to hangout downtown with my friends.I love to read.Right now im reading the True Meaning of ForeverMy gpa is 4.0.I hate school though.I live at Gloria Jeans.Look for me there. Im there iced mocha gurl.I usally help other before myself. And i get sad when i see homeless people,sometimes i just wanna cry. I love Dashboard Confessional,and The Virgin Suicides. <3My Computer is my life-although i claim to be a computer nerd my friends say i dont look like one o.O

My Dolls

To all my friends--you mean the world to me and i love you all lots.<3 I dunno wut i wud do without all you -hugs-

My Special Shoutouts to my Loves-
James-my cookie dough <33.Krissy-my wife <3bff.Stiny-My sis <3.Molly-my slut<3.Kyle-my lobe<3.Andie-my suga hawtie <3.Kendra-my big sis <3.Courtii-my french frie.Lia-mycarebear <33 Chris-my ultra cool stalka <3

Much Love Babe <3 Enjoy

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I want to be rememberd as the girl who always smiles even when her heart is broken And the one that could always brighten up your day even if she couldn't brigten her own <3

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title or description

13 going on 30, acting, american eagle, art, beating up boys, being a dork, being a princess, being evil, being in love, being jasmine, being loved, ben jelen, black eyeliner, bob the builder, boston, boys, cafes, candy, cell phones, chanel, chevy bel airs, chocolate, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate chips, chocolate milkshakes, chocolate pudding, cinnamon altoids, clay aiken, clothes, coach, coffee, converse all-stars, cookies, cuddling, cup cakes, dancing, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, degrassi, designer labels, dior, dip it low, dippin dots, dorks, downtown, dr. pepper chapstick, dr.pepper, drawing, earings, earrings, evanescence, fashion, fashion design, friends, gloria jeans, going to the mall, graphic tees, gucci, gummy bears, hanging out with friends, hershey kisses, hockey, hot pink, hugs, iced mochas, interenet, italy, jake epstein, james, jeremy sumpter, kisses, kitten heels, laughing, lip gloss, lipstick, listening to music, louis vuitton, louis vuitton shoes, love, love at first sight, loving my friends, m&m's, matt, mean girls, mocha, movies, music, neopets, nerds, peach snapple, pepsi vanilla, philippines, photography, photos, pictures, pink, pixies, pizza, poetry, polka dots, pranks, purses, rain, red starbursts, relient k, rubber ducks, ryan cabrera, salsa dancing, shoes, shopping, sleeping, sleeping in, sleeping late, smoothies, snapple, snickers, sour gummy worms, sparkles, spontaneous kisses, starbucks, starbursts, stars, staying up late, stilettos, strawberry smoothies, subway, summer, talking, talking on the phone, the aas, the all-american rejcts, the beach, thirteen, thunder storms, traveling, tyson ritter, vanilla, venice, vintage clothes, vintage shoes, vw bugs, warm rain, whispers, writing, writing songs, yeah yeah yeah's, yellowcard